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Supposedly he had a thing going with one of his co-stars. However, I never watched DOOL (Im a Y&R fan) so I cant comment on this. Jared and Jensens sudden engagements/marriages within months of each other raised a lot of eyebrows.

i know that he also has a nephew with down syndrome and he is raising money for him with calendars. he seems like a genuine guy to me :pcute: There are a lot of rumors about Jensen being gay since his days on Days Of Our Lives.

The new addition to their family is exciting, and they must be beyond thrilled. I'm not one to wreck a home when there is a child involved #classysungqueen .

Ted C had been hinting for a while that Jared and Jensen are Judas Jack-Off and Dash Dingle Dream (Altho, Ted officially stated the Js are not JJO/DDD BVs he was alluding too), and that theyre marriages are fake.

The fact the Jensens frozen-face, attention-seeking wife Danneel Harris felt the need to defend her and Jensens relationship just brought more attention to it.

Old news, but Back in 2010, Ted C said, "Jared Padalecki and his super-tight Supernatural bud, Jensen Ackles, will sooner marry each other than who they're currently rumored to be getting hitched to. I'll get Taryn Ryder(Awful Truth writer) a date with Ryan Gosling." Danneel tweeted back, "Hey Ted, tell Taryn to buy a new dress because its happening baby!

They costarred in the 2007 comedy Ten Inch Hero and both starred on CW shows; Danneel played Rachel Gatina in One Tree Hill and Jensen plays Dean Winchester in Supernatural.

U and Jensen doing newlywed reality show to prove me wrong? We've been building up our tolerance for liqueur and national scorn 4yrs in hopes that some1 would afford us this opportunity." Then Ted made a post on his blog saying, Wow. Not only does this babe have the balls to banter with some jerk who said her fake marriage would never happen, she's damn smart about sticking up for herself in the process! Then she went on Teds show the Awful Truth and promised him she would tweet him pics of Jensens V-day surprise for her (which she never did). He had to have gotten on her ass because after the trainwreck she set in motion with Ted C, Danneel didnt make a single tweet for weeks. Then Jensen was photographed by the paps out and looking pissed off.

Danneel shared a link to a photograph of 5 pairs of cowboy boots, casually referencing the addition of two new members to the family.

Jensen doesn’t post a ton on social media, but when he does, it’s almost always family-centered.

there was an interview from long ago in one of the supernatural magazines and he talked about how when he was younger his neighbors house caught on fire and without thinking he ran into it to make sure the kids were out. she is also pretty funny, some other cw actress called their marriage a sham on twitter and danneel sent her an invitation and told her to get a dress cause it was real.

im a huge jensen/supernatural fan and i have never heard anything bad about him. she goes to conventions with him and just sits on the sides watching him.

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You’re nineteen when you get your first recurring acting role in season twelve of Supernatural.

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