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These neck plates are smooth flat neck plates with no "Neptune, N.

J." stamped on them Keep in mind that just because the neckplate is imprinted with "Kramer, Neptune, NJ" does NOT mean that the guitar was Made in the USA or an "American" series.

Also, if your Kramer has "non-name" pickups or "Designed by Seymour Duncan" pickups, it is an overseas model.

Finally, if your Kramer came with a Floyd Rose II, Floyd Rose with no fine tuners, or a Floyd Rose unit that does not require the ball ends of the strings to be cut off, it is an overseas model.

It is the first one produced off of the assembly line, documented by Peter Laplaca and Dennis Beradi, both the original founders of Kramer Guitars.These necks, designed for sustain, contained slots that ran the length of the neck for holding the wood fills in place.(See diagram) The idea of the wood inlays were to reduce the coldness feel of aluminum.Kramer's improvement consisted of two wooden inserts in the back of the neck.By 1975 he had hooked up with a friend from New York, Dennis Berardi, and the two founded BK International, which engaged luthier Phil Petillo to make prototypes for them.

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