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Scrape a large handful of twig bark from live willow branches (preferably black willow for its higher salicylic acid content).

Steep the bark in a quart of hot water for 30 minutes, and use as a foot soak as often as possible until the corn diminishes. Ingrown Toe Nails Another painful foot affliction, ingrown toe nails can be quickly and effectively managed with tannic acid.

We can also get this compound from willow and aspen trees.

The name salicylic comes from the Latin word "salix," which is the genus name for willows, and the substance was traditionally obtained from willow bark.

Foot injuries and ailments in the field can be crippling.

And once your mobility is compromised in the outdoors, you've opened the door to all manner of potential downfalls.

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Initially she had gone to read mathematics, but she tells me that she “burned out my mathematical brain in the second year and failed quite badly.

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  1. Sam, the star Missouri defensive end who made headlines for kissing his boyfriend on TV when he got drafted by the Rams, got cut before the season started — leaving the nearly 1,700-player NFL without an openly gay player.