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Scientists from North Carolina State University looked at three decades of data on 25,314 teens.

Their analysis suggested communication with parents has a positive effect on contraceptive and condom use.

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Teenage sex can be a social and emotional minefield for boys, so it is essential that parents ensure they are well prepared.Having got that out of the way, it’s time to consider the sorts of things a parent (both parents, preferably) can chat about with their son on the topic of sex.It has been suggested that boys are driven more by lust than by love and are more interested in conquest than commitment. What many boys are looking for is not just sexual satisfaction but a degree of intimacy that parents – even the most loving and devoted of parents – cannot give them.The most recent statistics on sexual infections from Public Health England showed those aged under 25 experienced the highest STI rates, contributing 64% chlamydia and 54% of genital warts diagnoses in heterosexuals in 2012.So while you might find it to be embarrassing broaching the subject of contraception, condoms and sexually-transmitted diseases: this study proves it's definitely worth it.

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