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This season things are different and New York has picked 5 men from the internet, Sister Patterson has also picked 5 men called the "mama's boys".During the mixer, some suitors make a bad impression to New York and her mother.(Weisgerber and Pollard later separated during the taping of New York Goes to Hollywood.) In addition to Pollard, a host of other individuals from Flavor of Love, including "Sister" Patterson (Pollard's mother), appeared on the show to help Pollard choose the right man.

She also wants to clear the air of a little rumor you may be aware of: "I'm not pregnant. I don't think it would've been a healthy relationship, and I think we woulda broke up before the reunion show could have even aired. Looking back on it six months later, I loved Tailor Made and I lusted for Buddha. We've been together seriously for the last six months.

See full summary » Is to be with New York (Tiffany Pollard) ever since I saw this girl I knew she was a hardcore bitch.

The hardcore bitch that can set me straight in my life.

New York Goes to Work is a reality VH1 series that first premiered on May 4, 2009.

This follow-up of New York Goes to Hollywood stars Tiffany "New York" Pollard as she tries to find a ...

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  1. I like the guys for the way you can tease each other and make rude jokes and they still laugh about it because they are not insecure. They seem to be more pessimistic, lack life experience, prone to staying down when down, don't laugh or love enough.