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However, that speculation has been denied not only by Justin but also Hailey with claims a source revealed, “Selena is absolutely heartbroken that Justin is falling so hard for Hailey.

She still had hopes that he would reach out to her before the new year to try and reconcile.” The alleged insider continued,”She’s agonizing over her decision to play hard to get with him because she thinks it backfired.” “She was diligent about not accepting his calls or responding to his texts, and now it’s like he’s completely moved on with Hailey and has forgotten about her.” stories citing a seemingly endless supply of sources with access to Bieber and Gomez.

"Justin could take his pick of the world's teenage girls - and he's loving it.

Two older women on the go aged 16 is pretty impressive stuff." Earlier this week "Magic" singer Selena revealed she "loved" Justin.

” Speculation about the singer and the model’s tight friendship first sparked when they spent time together in New York and Los Angeles after Thanksgiving.

Selena Gomez isn’t really the type to name-drop, but she’s got a Diddy story she likes to tell. We have decided, as a society, not to let folks have it both ways. She’s got angry ‘90s-alt-rock blood running through her Disney veins. Trembling on an MTV stage, saying “This world is bullshit” while clutching a 1997 Best New Artist Moonman as if it were the monkey’s paw? Young and absurdly talented and here to tear the system down, despite being a stone-cold product of it.

Gomez’s brand has further included a clothing line, a fragrance, and several endorsement deals.

Once known more for her relationships with Barney the dinosaur and Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez has broken free of all of that prehistoric shit with a sexy, smash-hit album and new films with Seth Rogen and James Franco (not to mention a planet-Earth-leading 74 million Instagram followers).

Alongside a black and white pic of himself and Hailey, the singer wrote: “People are crazy.

I’m super single and this is my good friend u would know otherwise.” Shortly after the “Confident” star’s post, Hailey tweeted, “Hope that clarifies everything for everyone) rumors are silly!

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