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Forty-two high-precision uranium–thorium (U–Th) dates obtained from coral microatolls and coral colonies (2σ age errors from ±8 to 37 yr) in conjunction with elevation surveys provide evidence in support of a nonlinear RSL regression throughout the Holocene.

RSL was as least 0.75 m above present from ~6500 to 5500 yr before present (yr BP; where “present” is 1950).

The most representative Late Pleistocene (“Tyrrhenian”) outcrop in Sardinia (San Giovanni di Sinis) was re-visited based on detailed sedimentological and stratigraphical analysis supported by U-series dating of fossil corals.

U-series measurements in colonies of sp.) and a vermetid colony at San Marco yielded much younger apparent ages, tentatively attributed to late “diagenetic” U-uptake processes.

Both the first minor pulses and the most important “eustatic” pulse recorded at San Giovanni di Sinis cannot be assigned unequivocally to one of the MIS 5e sea-level oscillations proposed in the recent literature, due to dating inaccuracies and uncertainties, but it seems probable that it occurred during an early part of the interval.”, i.e.

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of magma (dense rock equivalent) during one of the largest Late Quaternary eruptions in Central Europe.

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